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Cara Chen
CEO and Founder

Cara is a dexterous go-getter with the ability to think outside the box. She believes in spreading the reach of Chinese market and encouraging the rest of the world to purchase Chinese products.Her 8 years of quality industry experience has given her the opportunity to demonstrate her detail-oriented nature while adding value to everyone around her every step of the way. Cara will be your strongest asset when developing new products in China.

Contact Information
Email:                       Tel.: +86 573 8960 1694 ext. 813
Mob / Whatsapp / Viber: +86 183 6733 4313          Wechat: 330503492
QQ: 414121286                                                       Skype: cara.chen5

Jenny King
Project Manager Director

Jenny is our Project Management Director at YOOMAN. She is tremendous in streamlining and optimizing processes, solving issues and has a rich background in manufacturing kids battery operated ride on toys. Jenny ensures efficient allocation of time and resources to every single project, and will be your safe-haven when the situation becomes critical.

Contact Information
Email:                       Tel.: +86 573 8960 1694 ext. 831
Mob / Whatsapp / Viber /: +86 183 6733 4331         Wechat: 18367334331
QQ: 2014511169 Skype: jenny.king09


Supply Chain officer

Penny specializes in coordinating ride on toys (e.g. electric ride on car, rocking horse, tricycle) manufacturing, packaging projects and dispute settlement. She is spontaneous, yet considered and concise, Penny truly engages with our customers and always manages to find the right solution for the right situation.

Contact Information
Email:                     Tel.: +86 573 8960 1694 ext. 868
QQ: 2122848571


Project Assistant

Linda is the Office- and Sample Manager at YOOMAN.
She is organized and ensures smooth operations in the office and is engaged in reviewing and coordinating all incoming samples.Linda has an extensive eye for detail which helps her greatly in the procurement of goods. Moreover, she supports the team with administrative tasks and makes sure the in-office warehouse is well organized.

Contact Information
Email:                           Tel.: +86 573 8960 1694


Ray Chen
Head of Quality Control

Ray is Head of Quality Control at YOOMAN. He manages, plans and executes quality control operations in both our office and on location in the factory. He is hands-on, yet structured with an eye for detail, and makes sure that products are approved only when up-to-quality. In case of defects, he provides critical but constructive feedback to both client and manufacturer.

Contact Information
Email:                          Tel.: +86 573 8960 1694 ext. 913
QQ: 202528880

Tom Chen
Technical Project Manager

Tom oversees the technical project management at our production and assembly facility.
He specializes at mold design with his expertise in plastic and die casting, combined with his fascination by detail. He loves to help our clients to design or modify 3D drawings and assist in optimizing a product to its maximum potential. John loves anything electrical and is always looking to improve processes by applying his structured way of thinking.

Contact Information
Email:                         Tel.: +86 573 8960 1694 ext. 413


Logistic Officer and Project Assistant

Daisy is Logistic Officer at YOOMAN.
She is industry savvy and will tell you everything you need to know about international shipping (including Amazon FBA), export documents and compliance regulations. She is your pillar for determining compliance requirements, arranging lab-testing and managing logistics around the world.

Contact Information
Email:                                  Tel.: +86 573 8960 1694